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Mission Statement


Facilities Security Management (FSM) takes on the burden of protecting our client’s assets and property by providing the highest quality security via highly trained professionals that operate with dedication, dependability and integrity.  Construction, commercial, auto dealerships, healthcare facilities or customized plans, our commitment is to exceed our client’s expectations at a cost effective level, because your security is FSM’s number one priority!


Construction Sites

With all the expensive equipment, tools and materials left unattended after workers leave, construction sites present attractive targets for thieves and vandals. Security guard conducting perimeter checks and surveillance at your construction site is one of the best ways to help deter criminal activity such as acts of vandalism and theft. Lower your risk and keep your projects on time and within budget by using FSM to secure your site.

Healthcare Facilities

Security guards at your nursing home will help ensure the safety of your staff and residents as well as patrol the premise to ensure that the facility is kept safe from risks such as trespassers and intruders. Our First Aid and CPR certified guards can also assist with medical emergencies and ensure that Alzheimer patients remain within the facility. Grieving people sometimes act poorly – why not reduce the risk by being prepared?

Commercial Security

A security team that is alert, proficient and professional is paramount to the safety of your employees, clients and visitors as well as to the success of your business. Consequently, whether we are securing premises by patrolling your property, monitoring surveillance, inspecting the building, or permitting entry, our team is committed to a creating a secure environment, because we understand that a safe environment is an efficient, prosperous environment.

Auto Dealerships

Security cameras can only capture so much of the vandalism, theft and destruction of property that takes place. Having security guards on premise at your car dealerships is a great way of protecting your valuable assets. Since all dealership lots and needs are not the same, FSM will develop a plan specifically geared to your business requirements.

Event Security

Large or small, business, private or entertainment event, ensuring you have security on premise is a great way of keeping your guests safe and your event run smoothly and stress free. Our security guards will keep your event and guests under constant surveillance and ensure that your concerns are all met. FSM has a variety of services suited for any size occasion, and is glad to customize a plan just for you.

Customized Program

At FSM we understand that every business is unique and has its own requirements. Business, private or entertainment events; construction sites, car dealerships or nursing homes, whatever the business or occasion, FSM can develop a plan that will cover your needs and protect your assets while also ensuring that it is affordable and competitively priced.

The FSM Advantage

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